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12 Daily Disciplines to Guarantee Success-  John Maxwell

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From a superb leader, John Maxwell. Here are some of his Daily Disciplines to Guarantee Success.  Which ones speak to you?


  • Choose and display the right attitude
  • Determine and act on important priorities
  • Communicate with and care for your family
  • Practice and develop good thinking
  • Deepen and live out your spiritual faith
  • Initiate and invest in solid personal relationships
  • Plan for and model being generous
  • Seek out and embrace personal improvements


What I personally love is the sense of \”and.\” It\’s not just enough to seek out personal improvement, you must embrace it. You choose and display  the right attitude. You practice and develop good thinking. You can\’t just wish, meditate, pray for your desired goal (although that is the perfect starting point!)


So, what can you plan today, and make sure it happens?  


Be inspired to firmly plan and gently being to take action today.


We can build our lives to new levels, action by action.



John C. Maxwell is an American author and leadership expert. His books –especially the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership– have sold millions of copies and have even landed him on the New York Time’s Bestseller List. Born in 1947 to an evangelical family in Garden City, Michigan, Maxwell was exposed to a religious lifestyle from a young age. He served as a senior pastor at Skyline Church for 14 years, but in 1995, he decided to devote his efforts full-time to writing and speaking. It was then that Maxwell began to think deeply about leadership. 


He founded INJOY, Maximum Impact, the John Maxwell Team, ISS, and EQUIP. EQUIP is an international leadership development organization that works to develop leaders; in fact, it is involved with leaders from over 80 nations. Its mission is to “see effective leaders fulfill the Great Commission in every nation,\” the Great Commission being a tenet of Christianity about the instructions of Jesus Christ. Maxwell speaks to Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, and even the United States Military Academy about effective leadership strategies. Notably, he was one of the 25 authors named to Amazon’s 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame. In 2014, he was Inc. Magazine’s #1 leadership and management expert in the world.