Living and Giving

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I was meeting the other day with an entrepreneur who’s going through a tough time. Any entrepreneur faces challenges along their pathway, and needs encouragement. I was happy to meet with her and grateful for all the good she’s done, and how she’s grown as a leader.

She had started health retreat seminars to help bolster the healthy living and thinking of women. These retreats were open to women of all ages, and helped them through challenging periods of their lives, ensuring that they lived spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy lives. Their retreats included yoga, inspirational talks, nutritional sessions, and healthy workouts. They kept gaining in popularity.


But she went on to list a few other things that just didn’t seem to be going right.

“So now I don’t know what to do. I’ve run out of steam. I’ve got to get my mojo back. I’ve lost me. I’ve lost my motivation.”

This is a critical point. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to face these setbacks. And how do you face them?

Her points were valid. There were some serious things that needed to be addressed in her business, and she faced some challenges from the recent forest fires. She had been hosting events as part of her business, and the ranch in which she held events had burnt down. She had to refund some of the participants’ money. It seemed like a lot of the hard work had been undone over the past months.

Every entrepreneur faces setbacks, and the question you have to ask yourself is, what will you focus on?

At the end of the day, she had helped and was helping many, many people in these health events she was hosting. They felt better about themselves — and she felt better about herself. It was a very healing journey she set up for everyone who participated in her business.


She had a good list of 20 things that weren’t going right. But I had a good list of 2,000 things that were going right. Here was my stream of consciousness:

  • She’d already hosted 6 successful events.
  • She had launched this in California, in the United States, a very pro-entrepreneurship place. In many countries, it’s extremely hard to start a business. She’s in an entrepreneur-friendly environment.
  • The sun is out so many days in California, allowing for positive nature to bless her seminars. It would be much harder to hold this in a place that rains all the time.
  • People are cheering her on.
  • People are asking when the next retreat is.
  • There isn’t one negative comment about her retreats. They all want to see more.
  • She had more new and different subscribers attending, as well as returning ones.
  • She had major high-network donors attending who could be strong sources of support in the future.
  • She’s learned lessons whereby she can encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. As she overcomes these challenges, she will be yet another force that can encourage others.
  • She is not selling her soul to a corporate job.
  • She is living the dream where she has always wanted to live on a ranch.
  • She’s already given back more than so many other people. Hundreds of women have experienced her retreat, and become better people because of it.
  • Anxiety has gone down for these hundreds of women.
  • Anxiety has gone down for her.
  • Healthy living tips have increased in their lives, where they have taken them back and made them examples in their lives.
  • These women’s new lives have given encouragement and are an example to their families and friends.
  • Her results of these healthy retreats are already expansive, scaling to thousands of people, even if they haven’t attended.
  • She is encouraging people to model healthier lives which affect so many others.
  • She is preventing sickness, illness, and health issues.
  • She is a part of the movement to decrease anxiety.
  • She is part of the movement regarding organic food and eating healthier.
  • She is part of the movement to meditate and pray to become our best selves.
  • These tough incidents forced her to have different place other than the one ranch, making her business model stronger and more flexible, making the locations of her retreats more flexible. If she had more relationships with places to host it, she could have pivoted and still held the retreat. She learned great business lessons, which strengthen her business.
  • She has a loving relationship with her husband who is completely supportive of her business, even to the effect of possibly moving to a ranch, helping to cultivate the ranch while continuing their business there. That’s an extremely adaptable, kind, and supportive husband.
  • They have supportive in-laws.
  • She is smart and educated.
  • She has a huge group of friends.
  • She just completed a course in entrepreneurship and passed with flying colors.
  • In addition, she won the best business plan (with beautiful presentation and photos) of the entire group!
  • …and the list goes on! You can keep adding to it. 🙂

So, she had one setback. A setback will strengthen her. The setback allowed her to think about other parts of her business that are weak. How can she strengthen them? The setback allowed her to be prepared in the future.

This setback made her realize that she might have to push those dreams forward quicker than she imagined.

And that’s what happened!  She’s now living on a ranch now and hosting those events on the ranch now. Sometimes setbacks push us towards our destiny quicker.

Did you ever think you would say “Thank you for this challenge”? Yet she should. The challenges make our business become stronger, and give us wisdom.

She can focus on the negative, or she can focus on 2,000 and beyond things to be grateful for…


I hope for you, that when facing setbacks, you choose the lessons learned and the gratitude. Don’t give up! Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you’re doing great.

You can start today and every day, listing the hundreds of things for which you will be grateful. That’s a healthy start and habit for you, and everyone around you.  

I believe in you,