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A Letter To My Son…Who’s Not Working (Part 2 of 5)

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Letter 2 of 5

This is a five-part series of letters from a loving parent to a son. The letters demonstrate how parents can love and support their children during transitional periods. As young adults build their own identity and search for employment, a parent\’s kind words can assist them in their journey.
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Dear Son,

I know that in the past couple of years, we have struggled with college. As your father, I feel it is important to set you up with tools to succeed so that you can be a strong, educated individual who can provide for himself, and if you want, a family. These days, life can be very competitive and I want my son to not only survive but to thrive and succeed. Therefore, in my humble opinion, having a college degree is most important. It not only helps you attain the best jobs but also attain greater pay.  

But I’ve realized lately that this might be my wish, and not yours. It might be a time to take a break from studies. You’re now 23.  There are many years and courses to go until you finish college. It doesn’t seem you’re that motivated to do so.

Maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Just please know that my strong efforts in the past to help you regarding college were out of love. I want you to have a strong and positive future.

Remember while I’ll always love you, I won’t always be physically present on Earth. I think about that, Joe. I want you to be able to provide for yourself when I’m not here. So thank you for understanding when I have gotten involved in your life — it’s because I love you, and sometimes I get worried.

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