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A Letter To My Son…Who’s Not Working (Part 4 of 5)

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Letter 4 of 5

This is a five-part series of letters from a loving parent to a son. The letters demonstrate how parents can love and support their children during transitional periods. As young adults build their own identity and search for employment, a parent\’s kind words can assist them in their journey.
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Dear Son,

Next, we are going to provide a plan of support you:

– For the next 2 months, your sole focus will be on getting a full-time job with a goal of supporting yourself.

-The sooner you get the job, the better it will be because, as with all adults, it’s time to start saving.

– We’ll continue to provide you a car, free gas, free food in the refrigerator and if you’re fortunate like we often are, Debra\’s* lovely cooking.  🙂 The cleaners will continue to come to the home and clean your room as well.

-When you have the job after two months, we will allow you to stay for four months with that job. The goal is to give you a cushion to save.  

– At that time, you will have had no expenses and 4-6 months of saving. That’s good padding and support from us in order to get on your feet and pay for your own apartment. This will give you a great appreciation for living on your own and also, perhaps, the freedom you seek.

-After the six months, you are welcome to come over every Sunday night for dinner. We would love to have you. We love our family time and we feel so fortunate that you are near.

*Names Changed

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