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A Love that is Universal – William Barclay and Pammie Hawley

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\”I am a convinced universalist. I believe that in the end all men will be gathered into the love [of God].\”

-William Barclay

Of course, leading UniversalGiving, I love the term Universal.

It says to me, \”We include everyone.\”

We cherish every person\’s life, contribution, spoken word, and presence. I learned this from my parents, my religion, and the values in our home. And it really got driven home while I was on Outward Bound.

Outward Bound, an outdoor education camp, threw you into 20 mile hikes, ice picking and rock climbing on trails with people from such diverse backgrounds, from PhDs, to juvenile delinquents, to high school students, nature enthusiasts, teachers and to people who were under watch from their guidance counselors. And you all had to work together.

You had to learn together, set up camp together, make dinner together. It was lovely learning to value everyone, despite their background, views or past actions. That wasn\’t always easy, and sometimes, scary to grapple with when someone was belaying you down the mountain. That\’s a lot of trust there that doesn\’t have time to be built. It just needs to happen right then.

Barclay, esteemed as one of our greatest Greek experts, theologians and writers from the 20th century, laid out the life of a loving, \”welcome back\” God. In it, punishment is not forever. I, too, believe that if you stop the negative action now, then it stops. Stop calling yourself a sinner, a bad person, or someone eternally unforgiven.

To be honest… How Depressing! 🙂


Living and Giving Team, we can\’t live a life downtrodden, depressed or feeling cast out or away. We can\’t self punish ourselves, putting ourselves down.

So you made a mistake.
So you wish you could take it back.
So you wish you were a better person.

Don\’y you deserve to be welcomed back, gathered into Love again?

So then, learn what you can from that situation. Resolve to not of it again. And then move forward with joy.

Yes, with joy. You are free!


On Outward Bound, I was being balayed up a mountain side.  Your team members held the ropes at the top. If you fell on the mountain, the ropes would hold you up. If you needed a boost to the next crevice, the rope could hoist you up a bit.

Yet the people in the group were varied. From a highschool teacher, Berkeley student and a mountain lover, to a boy in delinquency program who hated women and another guy there for serious drugs I had not heard of.

So someone at at the top of the mountain might not be your first choice to balay you up. 🙂 

I not only had to trust, I had to eliminate fear. That meant I needed to eliminate my label of them. That means they were pure, free, from my negative association.

And so we must give that gift to others… and ourselves as well. As Barclay says, in the end we will all be gathered into love (of God).

Release someone else and release yourself today into a Love That is Universal.

Join Me,


William Barclay (December 5, 1907 – January 24, 1978) was a biblical scholar, writer and broadcaster who was a Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism. Barclay wrote more than seventy books, including the million-selling The Daily Study Bible and was a popular broadcaster on television and radio. He was hugely influential in Scotland and his books were also read by millions in the USA. He is lovingly remembered for his ability to communicate the truth of the Gospel in terms that everyone could understand. His simple faith presented through his books and radio and television broadcasts moved millions of people to open their hearts to God. Barclay\’s humble spirit was shaped by his modest Christian upbringing in the town of Wick, Scotland. In 1933, he was ordained and became the past of a small church in Renfrew and married Katherine Gillespie, a minister\’s daughter, all while studying at Glasgow and Marburg universities. He later had one son and two daughters with his wife. (Source: Barclay)