Living and Giving

A Series on Beautiful Thoughts, Part 1

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This thought is essential.
Beautiful Thought #1: Always remember that true beauty comes from inside.   
It\’s true.
When I was in LA I saw stunning women. They were perfect 10s!  It was crazy.  But most of them didn\’t smile.  Some had high egos, or \’too much entourage\’ around them.  Others were insecure and didn\’t like something about themselves.  Others were distrustful because they didn\’t know what people thought of them or their personality–  only caring for their faces or their bodies.  Who liked them for who they were?  Who knew them, inside?
They were rating themselves on the wrong things, and drawing people into their lives who did the same. They were therefore miserable.
Instead, value yourself in the true way. Rate yourself on your kindness, your joy, your love, your warmth.  Your ability to give, help and serve.  
From that, a beautiful peace will exude. Not just your heart, but from your presence.  People will want to be around you…   Because they think- they feel- you are beautiful.
And you are.