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Welcome to Living & Giving, my dear readers! This blog is a place where we dive deep into the realms of leadership, business, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and philanthropy. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey of growth and discovery.

Here, you’ll find captivating stories of inspiring leaders who have faced challenges just like you and emerged victorious. We’ll unravel the secrets of successful businesses and embrace the adventurous spirit of entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a mindful pause to nourish our souls, learning practical techniques to stay centered amidst life’s chaos. And oh, the joy of giving back! We’ll celebrate heartwarming tales of philanthropy that warm our hearts and ignite the desire to make a positive impact in the world.

I’m thrilled to have you on this meaningful ride. Let’s empower ourselves, uplift each other, and create a community of change-makers. Together, we’ll live our best lives and embrace the joy of giving!




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Pamela Hawley is the founder and CEO of UniversalGiving® an award-winning nonprofit that helps people give and volunteer with vetted, quality opportunities all over the world. 

UniversalGiving® Corporate assists Fortune 500 companies to scale their global CSR programs worldwide. Key clients include Apple, Cisco, Gap, BHP, and RSF Social Finance. UniversalGiving® has been featured on the homepage of Bloomberg,, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.  

UniversalGiving® also has been featured in more than 16 books, including the new edition Harvard Business Review Book, HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s Giving 2.0.