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Activate Faith, Not Fear

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February 25, 2018

We all face challenging times… whether it’s a report of an attack (such as the very recent terrorist attack on the headquarters of a Yemeni counter-terrorism unit)[1], a stumbling of a relationship with a sister, a student not getting into the school that they wanted to, or a business partnership that ends after a decade. All of these things can make us fearful of losing — rather than having faith in Life and faith that goodness will win.

I love what leader Joel Osteen has to say on this matter:

Fear and faith have something in common: they both ask us to believe something is going to happen that we cannot see.”

He continues on:

“You know, all through the day we have a choice to either believe that [goodness] is in control and good things are in store, or we can go around worried, negative, expecting the worst.”


What’s important to realize is that we often get negative suggestions pummeling our thought. They present:

  • “I might get a B-minus on a test that I believe I should get an A on”;
  • a son that won’t open up and share what’s happening in his life
  • “I’m not good enough for the business opportunities ahead of me.”

But we have a job. Our true job every day is to believe in the best, expect the best, hope for the best, and watch for the best in every aspect of our lives.


“If we’re looking for the good, you will find it.”

—Grey T. Full

This is where we need to be weighing in. This is where we need to be putting our faith. This is where we need to put all of our energy so that we believe for the best.

From experience, I don’t know of any company that’s built on negativity. I don’t know of any family that is built on harmony, while focusing on negative things… We have to believe in good and search for good in order to realize good in our lives.


At the same time, we have to take a stand, strongly, against the negative suggestions. Don’t let negative suggestions become negative reality.

I love this story from Joel Osteen about his grandmother:

“My grandmother on my father’s side was a very feisty woman. She was raised out in the country. She reminded me of the grandmother out on Beverly Hillbillies.

Later in life she went to a doctor. He said ‘I’m sorry Mrs. Osteen, but you have the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease.’

This did not sit well with Grandmother Osteen.

She didn’t even know what Parkinson’s disease was, but she knew enough that she didn’t want anything to do with it. She bristled back, got a real serious look and said

‘Listen here doctor, I will not have it. I refuse to have it.\’

She went home that day full of faith. And do you know that she never did have Parkinson’s disease? She lived out her days in good health.”

So that’s what I’d ask all of us to do, for you to do, for me to do, which is to:

  1. Look for all the good, be excited about it, exonerate it, glorify it, and speak about it.
  2. Identify the negative suggestions, take a stand against them, and refuse to let them become negative reality.


Many people in life often ask me what their purpose is. Well, it certainly isn’t a job, a career, or even family. It’s about living goodness at every point that we can.

Let’s go do this today. Activate faith, not fear.

Please share with me the goodness in your life and how you’ve taken a stance against a negative suggestion. I’d love to hear from you!

Living and Giving,