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Already a Leader, Deborah Santana Turns Her Heart Global

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One my newest favorite people is Deborah Santana.  This is a woman filled with truth, soul, kindness.  It radiates from her inner core, her smile, and her clear eyes.   When she speaks, it is a woman speaking of a sincere, caring love for herself, for the world, and for each being she encounters.  I loved our recent dinner together!  She is seeking the truth for herself and everyone.

Then… just add the icing. She is a writer…holds workshops to help people find their own humble power and place  in the world… and encourages all.  She loves and nurtures her three children.  She has won awards, is an amazing businesswoman, and despite some tough personal challenges, she is a survivor, and one willing to help people through what she\’s learned from her journey.

Now imagine that Deborah Santana takes it a step further. She doesn\’t have to.  And she does… she has extended her care beyond her immediate circle, her community, her family, this country.  She is involved globally, and allows herself to get right into the heart of the challenges.   At this point, I am not going to relate more…for you should just read for yourself, her empowered, loving, realistic, pained but rising words below. 

Deborah Santana
Not a Spoon or a Pot

There are no crosswalks in the small town my friend visited in Haiti.

Beside a road, she met a woman with seven children who sleep together

           in a one room hut.

One pair of pants, one shirt each – no other possessions –

          not a spoon or a pot;

No picture frames, no photos, no beds, no schoolbooks,

          no bus fare, no earrings, no school.


When summer comes, the children go to the countryside to pick mangoes.

I imagine then they are able to eat more than ears of corn

         Roasted on a dirt pit outside.


Maybe then they smile, their fingers pulling back thick green mango skin,

          eyes widening at the sight of soft orange mango flesh.

Startling first touch of fruit to lip,

Teeth biting and tiny mango hairs stuck between,

Sweet perfumed juice running down chins like mercy.


Similar to my experience in Peru, Deborah sees the challenge of poverty upfront…

If you are interested in supporting the Daraja Academy, which Deborah is creating a film about, please donate or volunteer.  It\’s a superb effort in Kenya!

Here is more about Deborah.  She is a remarkable woman who has changed the world through music and philanthropy, all across the world.