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Beautiful Thoughts, Part 3: Fill Your Mind With Gratitude

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It flows through your body, your soul and is a life force…

It will reach everyone you come in contact with.

It will make your heart happy, your mind clear, your body glowing. You are flushed with rosy gratitude in your complexion rather than \’a grey day\’ ashen look.

If your thought focuses on joy, your demeanor shows it.

If your thought is focused on your worries, your issues,
or even just a lot of thoughts about just you, you\’ll appear grey.

Be grateful. It will lighten your step, your heart and your soul.

Fill your mind with gratitude.

Beautiful Thought #3: Fill Your Mind With Gratitude

I\’m not waiting. Don\’t you either! šŸ˜€

Love, Pamela

PS. I hope you enjoyed this series on Beautiful Thoughts. Please feel free to readĀ Beautiful Thoughts #1 and #2. What would you like to see in the next series?