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Bootstrapping: Why Your Space Will Make or Break Your Team

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Bootstrapping should start first of all with your space. At the beginning of UniversalGiving, I worked out of my home: very economical.  But as you grow, you need to find an economical space and team-oriented culture.

As you start out, and as you continue, establishing an inexpensive and team-oriented culture is imperative.  Shared office space–if done right–allows you to cut costs and increase camaraderie with other entrepreneurs.  As CEO, it allows you to brainswap with other like-minded founders. For your team, it provides a larger group of people to speak, connect and share with, feeling a part of something larger.

In many, diverse ways we all want to be a part of something larger. Part of that is your organizational vision. Part of that is your team. Part is of it is your space, and the other people who work there.  Create many instances where your often small, start-up team, can connect to a larger sense of purpose.  It attracts people and keeps them there.  In start-up mode, you don\’t want to lose the right people.

You can also ask a larger company if they have extra room. This is a good option, but just make sure that the company culture, and space, fits well with yours. It\’s a bit less of sharing, and more under jurisdiction of someone else, and yet is something to be grateful for if you can attain it.

As you look for that right space, I\’d recommend also making a list of qualities that are important to you: Dynamic, Bright, Economical, Sharing, Intellectual.  The manifestation of those qualities can really help bring your vision to fruition.  If you stick with these qualities, there could be many different right places, each reflecting your vision in different ways.

The key point is to find an environment that will help you, and your team, succeed more rapidly—while saving money.