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\”…Bright Eyes And Genuine Smiles…Paves The Way For All Kinds Of Things To Happen.\” – Peggy Dulaney

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\”That meeting of bright eyes and genuine smiles is so heart-opening that it paves the way for all kinds of things to happen.\” – Peggy Dulaney, Granddaughter of John. D. Rockefeller

Bright eyes, genuine smiles. Can you live this every day?  What if we greet everyone with those two simple gifts.

Your honest, clear, observant, caring eyes.

Your sincere, warm, welcoming smile.

With those two assets, you\’ll change the world.

Let\’s do it today.


Bright and Smiling,



\”Margaret Dulany \”Peggy\” Rockefeller (born 1947) is a philanthropist and the fourth child of David Rockefeller and Margaret McGrath. She is a fourth-generation member (\”the cousins\”) of the Rockefeller family. She is extremely committed to family and a proud grandparent…

Her most influential impact on the world is as founder and chair of the Synergos Institute, which she established in New York in 1986. The mission of the organization is to work together with its partners to \”mobilize resources and bridge social and economic divides to reduce poverty and increase equity around the world\”. Its most prominent public event, the \”University for a Night\”, brings together senior leaders from government, business and civil society in a positive dialogue on inter-sector collaboration and problem solving. She is relentlessly devoted to serving the world, traveling on service projects and site visits in the Middle East, U.K., Cuba, New York and California. She lives her mission and values everyday.\” (Source: Wikipedia)