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Global Business: Build Your Global Business By Listening

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So you are building a business. That\’s wonderful!

One of the most important things we can do when we build, is to Listen. Listening helps us understand what our clients need. It tells us what we can produce that is of value. And it shows that we care.

This is even more important when we are working with people all over the world. 




Respect the person, the culture, and their local community. To do so is to honor the unique wisdom and presence they bring to the world. You will then build the best product, and build the best team, for the world. 




In addition, Listening, and striving to understand other people, is the right thing to do. When you honor people and their local customs, they will want to work with you. And, you will love working with them!  Listening is mirrored in Respect, which is a type of \”business bliss.\”

Of course, this opens your business up to new opportunities.




So it\’s not just another day at work today. Look forward to positive work because you are a good leader, a good listener, and care about listening carefully each moment.




Then, it\’s not work, but;

meaningful communication,

a meaningful product,

a meaningful team,

a meaningful life,

moment by moment.

Listen to attain your business bliss!




Listening Is Bliss,



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