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But! Must Keep Working and Dwell on the Good

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But!  Must keep working and dwell on the good.

This is from a very wise attorney who faces challenging situations every day.   The other day, she wrote to me about a challenge she was thoughtfully and kindly addressing.  After describing it, she said:

\”But!  Must continue to focus on the good!\”

What a joyful, clear, practical way for all of us to work through issues in our lives.

If you are facing a challenge — what is still \”good\” in your life?

What can you point to that is going well? Can you focus on that, rather than giving more power to a challenge?

Sometimes I ask myself why my mind dwells more on the challenge, rather than all the divinely beautiful gifts, all the good, I am provided with each moment.

I hope you will join me in focusing on the good.

Have a great day, Pamela