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Celebrating Women All Over the World

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Continuing in our theme of celebrating Armenian culture, women are of importance. Armenia celebrates a Women\’s Day the 8th of every March. And it\’s not just a calendar date. People consider this an important celebration, with men giving women gifts. In addition, it\’s as if the whole town celebrates these women, by putting flowers all over the streets.

May we celebrate women all over the world with gifts and flowers, especially honoring those who are most hurting, across the world. Celebrate a woman in your life today. If you are a woman, gently celebrate yourself.


More Background:
Women’s Day
Official Holiday
Observed on March 8

Women’s Day is popular among Armenians. Men give presents to women, and the streets are full of flowers. People usually celebrate it with friends and have a good time in cafes, restaurants or at home.

Source: Armenia Information