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Change a Life In 3 Minutes: \”Maybe Too Soon for You, But Not For Me\” – Frances Blaisdell

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\”Maybe Too Soon for You, But Not For Me\” – Frances Blaisdell

That\’s how my Oma signed a letter to me, right before I came home from Duke for the holidays. Finals were wrapping up, and she had sent me a note of encouragement. It\’s attached with a beautiful cursive unique to my Oma! Since you probably can\’t read it, here are some excerpts:

As always, Oma had positive news, joy and wisdom. There was some issue I was working on and she related:


When you need a problem solved and the need answered – He won\’t let you down now or ever.  

It brought one thought to my mind.  \’Oh ye of little faith.\’  It is so easy to trust God when all goes well. But darling, trust Him NOW- He knows what and whom.

You can never be separated from God\’s Love and care. 

Absolute Faith that God, Love is governing you and providing
Everything necessary for your fulfillment and completeness.
Only three weeks until you will be Home —

Maybe too soon for you but not for me –  

I love you dearly,

From Oma

Know that today you can make a difference today.  My Oma did in my life by writing that letter, more than 20 years ago.

I still keep it. I still read it. I still try to follow her wise encouragement.  And I feel her with me, and hear her voice. And I am inspired to help others and not just myself.

You can do this today. Write a letter to someone who needs encouragement. Write a letter to someone who perhaps doesn\’t need encouragement, but should be appreciated. Or just write a letter to someone to say I was thinking of you!

In 3 minutes, you can change a life.






Frances Blaisdell Williams was the first woman woodwind at Julliard School of Music in 1928.  She was a pioneer for women and women flutists all over the world.  Most importantly, she was Pamela Hawley’s grandmother and one of her best friends.