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Civil Society\’s Strength Across the World – Where Are the Hotspots?

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What government ranks the highest with staffing and attention to culture? To education? Or health?

You might be a bit surprised!   Come learn where governments are investing their time.

Civil society sector FTE workforce, by field1

The Winners in Culture
Sweden (45.5%), Slovakia (37.0%) and the Czech Republic (35.8%) win out here.

The Winners in Education.
Be proud Pakistanis! They are the top country with devotion to education in the civil sector at 56.6 percent.  Still a long way to go in implementation and progress, but the will is there.  Peru comes next (45.2%) and a no brainer with South Korea (40.5%) where education is deemed a strong part of their culture.

Finally, Health

Japan (37.3%) and the Netherlands (29.5%) win out.


Exciting to see new countries take the lead and help change the world. Let\’s support them!

You can start by giving a child the gift of an education!

1 – 1995-2000