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Classic Pamela Positive When You Care, People Care More Too.

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\”When You Care, People Care More, Too.\”

When you care, everything in life becomes amped up.  You’ll find legions of people rallying to your side to help you with your cause whether that’s cleaning up your backyard, or starting an organisation, or becoming a part of a political campaign.  When you put forth your positive effort, more positive effort will surround you.


I like to say when you “Take two steps towards life, life takes two steps towards you.”  You don’t have to operate in a vacuum.


Care rallies people around you.


People get excited.


There’s an incredible sense of momentum, passion, enthusiasm around whatever you decide to do…..

 so get in there and care.  

Get in there and put forth your effort.  Your effort won\’t just be about you.  Soon you could have 1, 2, 10, a dozen or hundreds of other supporters.  See how much good you can do in the world by caring.  

When You Care, People Care More Too.  

Thank you for Living and Giving,


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