Living and Giving

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\"496500_17955004\"Call me I answer in tones you do not recognize
My focus is sharp though distraction may reign
it is Known, be believed; no further strenuous chastise
the intangible simply, come promisingly to gain

I am not body not soul not spirit divide
I am One I am woman I am completed to decide

I walk in with boldness walking no where
I walk with a height with a definite care
Again with a crawl I am subservient to me
So I rise up again, from my own knee
I stretch and I grasp and I climb just to see
What is truthfully undecidedly come promisingly me.

Tell me your stories of woman — I see
Tell me your though of the woman — supposedly me

But I know the source hopeful of release
Ungranted I stand sure of my body soul reflected one to the other
Purely professed, and passionate with peace.

Come promisingly me.