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Confessions of a Late-a-holic

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I’m a Late-a-holic, and I have to admit it.  I’d say about 95% of the time, I’m on time now.  I’m a little bit humbly proud of this fact, because I have made a big effort to respect other people’s time…as it should be.
However, even when I do show up on time, I’m still a Late-a-holic.   Because even when I’m on time, I’m still late in my mind.  I’m not fully healed.  
I run to my meetings.   I slam on my walking pants and keds and run down the stairs.  Running down the street, I miss all the opportunities to listen to nature, greet people, enjoy the special moments

And I get there and that means 2.2 minutes in advance.  Lightning.

I rip off my keds and pants slam them down to the bottom of my bag straighten out my skirt  smooth down my hair bend down look at a small mirror reapply any make-up stand up breathe deeply. I walk into my meeting with presence. 

But in my mind I’m still running, I\’m just making it, and even though I am there at 4:00 pm and 10 seconds for my 4:00 pm meeting… I’m still late in my mind.  You\’re Late-Girl, You\’re a Late-a-holic, and boy do I want to get rid of this brand.

This post is part of “How This CEO Needs to Grow,” Pamela’s series about being transparent in the areas she is working on to be a better person and leader.