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Daily Prosperity, Starting with Me.

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Now I know I have to figure out how to carve out more time in between my meetings, to get there on time. I am finding that in my \’running\’ to meetings, I am falling — full out on the sidewalk, arms splayed, bags spilled all over — about 1-2x month.

I\’ve been a runner so I just get up and keep moving. This last Saturday was a tough one. I really banged my knee with a blood and bruise. People drew breaths as they saw me fly on the concrete. But having taken care of my 3 nephews and nieces at a very young age, I always tell myself, \”You\’re Ok!\” I flash big smiles to all around that it didn\’t scare me and I am more than ok. Then I stuff every scattered paper, pen, an orange, a book, my cellphone back in my bag and take off. Get there on time.

I did. My dear friend was late for coffee. 25 minutes. So I could recollect myself, but the process, the on the way, made me halt. I need to build on not only the importance of being present for others along the way but also, now, the importance of treating myself with the same care and respect as I do others.

It is not so fun to run and fall and be on time.

My next goal, is walk, smile, connect and be on time.

This is going to be a big one for me. Will I still be able to get all the heartfelt things done I need to? The organization and order which makes me feel peaceful in my home? The important partnership which needs to be follow up on for UniversalGiving?

I am going to trust that it will. Following a sincere intention to care for myself as I do others, I believe, will ultimately bring a higher sense of peace and daily prosperity in my actions….

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