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Dear Pamela: I Just Posted On A Blog To Change Our World! I Now Have 500 Followers. What Do I Do?

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Dear Pamela,

I posted a political activism Facebook group on the website and now 500 people have joined in the last month. I have no experience leading this many people and no grassroots organizing experience. What should I do?

Sincerely swamped,


Kelly Garvy
Program Coordinator, Student and Alumni Affairs
Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Dear Kelly,

First, great that you took that step forward of courage. We all have an instinct at one time or another to do something to help, but you followed up on it. Well done!

You\’re at an important stage. There are three action steps you can take:

Tell Them Why You Started The Group. First, tell them why you started this group in political activism. Tell them your story: Share your personal views as to how you\’d like the world to change. Tell them where your heart is.

This should be front and center on the group\’s homepage.  Everyone wants to hear a story, and to know the personal journey behind any startup, grassroots endeavor. This will allow you to connect with them, and most likely you will hear back from them, gathering valuable information.


Ask Them Why They Joined the Group. Second, you should ask them their motivations.  You could post, \”I\’m so thrilled 500 of you have joined me in this cause. I want to hear from you! In 2 paragraphs or less, tell me why you are here. Then, let\’s do something about it!”


Schedule a CTA. Third, schedule a Call To Action (CTA). \”We will be having our first online meeting the first Tuesday of every month.\”  \”We need everyone signing a petition by March 20th.\” A strong CTA lets them know how they can help, and with a specific deadline.

Kelly, the key here is sharing, and listening. You will receive new information and new action steps will follow. You\’re on the right track!

Keep Taking Action,



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