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\”Do You Want the Transaction or the Relationship?\” -Anita Casalina, Founder of Billions Rising

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If you focus on the transaction you miss the greater whole. It\’s only going after a piece, instead of working on something more infinite.

-Anita Casalina, Founder of Billions Rising

It seems that in business, we want to close the deal.

Seal the partnership.

Make it happen, get it done, check it off of our list. We drive towards its result.


But if you want the relationship, we need to approach it differently.


Don\’t focus on the paper, focus on the people. We listen and care, not just sign a contract. And if we take the time to get to know our partner, our partnership will be all the richer. And we will enjoy it more too!


It is a choice we make each day.

You can sign one dry paper. You can succumb to the pressure to make your numbers.

Or you can think about how many more people will affect. Appreciate people and you will be a part of something much greater. Affect thousands in your wake…

That\’s what we hope our partnership between UniversalGiving and Billions Rising is doing! We\’re partnering with Billions Rising, a new TV program focused on rising out of poverty.  The show is hosted by Anita Casalina, founder and director of Billions Rising Foundation; and also features NFL linebacker and philanthropist Mark Washington.  Pamela was invited to be a philanthropy expert for the program.
Each episode features a Sustainability Minute from Pamela, highlighting a nonprofit giving people in need a hand-up.  We\’re also working with Billions Rising to promote our vetted partner NGOs, by sourcing opportunities to give and volunteer in connection to the causes each episode focuses on.  These opportunities from UniversalGiving will be included both online and as part of the broadcast, giving viewers a way to take action, to support our NGOs and their work.

Take the time to build a relationship.

What will you choose?

Billions Rising believes that poverty will be defeated through education, innovation and collaboration. There are sustainable, solution-driven enterprises all over the world that deserve our attention and support. In order to engage, the public deserves and needs to hear these stories