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“Don’t Worry About the Tip\”

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I recently had a special night.  I was bowling with some friends—where I am known both to have prolific gutter balls and random strikes.  🙂  However, what made it unique was Z.

Z was my Sudanese taxi cab driver for the evening.  I usually walk everywhere in San Francisco, but tonight it was dark and so I took a cab.  I love speaking with the drivers, because they are so knowledgeable, and have amazing life experiences from all across the world.

Z was from Sudan.  We talked about how happy he was this evening about an Indian meal he ate that just “hit the spot,” and I also asked him about Sudanese food.  How lovely to share and learn.

As I paid through credit card at the end of the ride, there wasn’t a place to leave a tip.  “Don’t worry about it,” he said.  “You can catch me next time.”

Well, we know finding the same taxi cab driver again is unlikely.  Basically, Z was saying, it’s okay.  Pass it on to others.  It amazes me, his generosity, despite all the challenges he and his country have been through and are still facing.  I was able to find a tip in cash, and he was so grateful and appreciative.  But I was even more filled with love that someone was willing to be so relaxed about it, when we’re facing a challenging economic time.

Z demonstrates trust.  He knows that good flows in and out of his life, and that it can’t be restricted.  And that’s true for all of us.