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Dreaming Bigger than Life

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UniversalGiving was recently honored to be featured on, in an article titled \”Philanthropy With a Business Model.\”  I discussed how UniversalGiving\’s service works, and the spirit behind it.  One of the best parts of an article like this is the opportunities it opens up for further dialogue.  We received a few comments to the article, one of which I\’d like to answer here.

Here\’s the comment from Martica:

I also love this article. It\’s about someone actually doing what I aspire to do. It\’s good to know that there are also people like you and me who have this passion. What is your \’bigger than life dream\’?

I offered this answer:

Dear Martica, thank you for your message. That\’s a very good question, and I would like to know your answer, too!

My bigger than life dream is World Trust. What I mean by that, is that peace comes by relationships. Trusting relationships. Long-term relationships. And if UniversalGiving can connect people, one by one, in long-term trusting relationships, where people are mutually giving, then we can reach a new level of trust. Trust that grows across our world: \”World Trust.\”

I am not sure we can \”create Peace.\” We have to build relationships, and, it takes time. If connect personally, one by one, to each other, then we build increased understanding. We love each other for who we truly are. Stereotypes, race, ethnicitiy, gender, politics become secondary as we embrace the qualities such as honesty, integrity, joy, intellect, kindness which we admire in others. Building these trusting relationships, builds World Trust, which can then, lead to peace.

In any type of relationships, between donor and receiver, volunteer and nonprofit, parent and child, friend to friend, business collegue to advisor, the relationship is equally giving. We can all learn. We can all share and understand more thoroughly someone\’s identity; values; culture; principles. From that comes growing admiration, respect, trust — and true enjoyment in the relationship. And from that, develops peace.

So that, Martica, is my bigger than life dream. 🙂 World Trust that leads to World Peace.

What\’s yours?

Grateful for your question, Pamela