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Embrace Simplicity In 2019 With These 10 Campaign Tips

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I am so pleased to share UniversalGiving™ was featured in a Forbes Expert Panel article.   The question is \”How do they plan to embrace simplicity in their campaigns this year?\” and you can view many answers from our nonprofit community here. Scroll down to see our response on how \”$25\” and \”friends\” can make a difference!







Make A Specific Request


\”Ask your supporters to introduce you to just one other friend, with a specific request they give $25. It\’s a simple, specific request. And you\’ve gained a new supporter! Start a campaign: \”25 for $25!\” Get 25 supporters to ask a friend for $25, and measure results. The point is not how much money, but that you get them engaged and develop the relationship from there. This can be done at any time!\”

– Pamela Hawley, UniversalGiving™