Living and Giving

Encouragement Means…

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\”Encouragement to others is something everyone can give.  Somebody needs what you have to give.  It may not be your money; it may be your time.  It may be your listening ear.  It may be your arms to encourage.  It may be your smile to uplift.  Who knows?\”

– Joel Osteen

That\’s right Living and Giving fans…. who knows how today will be?   You can make it great by being an encourager.  There are so many ways to give.

Listen for the right opportunity.  Have fun!

Joel Osteen is a native Texan, author, televangelist and the Pastor of Lakewood Church, which is America\’s largest and fastest growing church. Osteen founded the television program at Lakewood and produced the sermons for 17 years before becoming the senior pastor. Osteen is a father of two, and has been married to his wife Victoria for 28 years.


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