Living and Giving

Expecting and Creating Good

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Just the other day I read an article by Pat Olsen, on the Harvard Business website, titled \”How to Survive in an Unhappy Workplace.\”  The article offered valuable insights about interactions in the business world, about managing our lives, and about seeking joy, in work and outside of it.  I\’d like to share with you the comment I made to the article:

Thank you for a very practical, insightful article. This is such a great approach, Pat, for most things in life are not black and white. Thank you for demonstrating life is a process, and how can we work towards greater good?

These are not easy things to feel — trying to feel more grateful, to see the positive, stay optimistic, if you don\’t enjoy what you do. But life is about service, and part of utmost joy comes from serving others. For example, is there a manager that you truly enjoy working for? Can you make their day a bit easier? It\’s not just about the project or providing a report. It\’s about making people\’s lives easier and smoother, spreading a certain kindness throughout the day. That can bring, joy, too.

The other warm way to build meaning is to think about what is going on behind the scenes. I had an employee say the other day \’they were just doing a fax.\’ I showed them what I was doing — sending a fax. Why was it important?

This fax allowed us to renew our contract with one of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Reconnect yourself, and your team, with the meaning behind the task. Nothing is ever just a fax…..

Having said that, we have a right to find what we love to do. Be grateful for the experience you have had; for right now; and for opportunities in the future. Keep expecting good. Keep exploring your passions. Bit by bit you\’ll be centered more on them.

The key is to go from good to good.

Pamela Hawley