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\”Dress well. Groom yourself. Walk and speak more slowly. Don\’t slouch. The more you act like the persona you aspire to be, the more likely reality will follow.\”
– Lisa Gaché


Lisa Gaché, CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Manners, is a nationally recognized etiquette expert specializing in lifestyle, entertainment and family. Lisa provides practical solutions for modern day living and helps clients to improve social skills and enhance lives. She has become the credible go-to resource for the media and entertainment community–from dining with decorum to event hosting and red-carpet etiquette. Her tips, tools and guidance are useful for everyone, in every situation.

She was featured in Vanity Fair for her debut book, 24 Karat Etiquette: Golden Rules from the World\’s Most Glamorous Zip Code (Skyhorse Publishing). Lisa makes regular appearances on television (The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Anderson Live) and in print (USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Post). Lisa is a self-described work-in-progress who balances her brash New York roots with the casual Los Angeles lifestyle. Her gentle humor and a refreshing no-nonsense delivery helps people understand that these skills are not about achieving perfection, but rather, it\’s about putting one another at ease and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Lisa\’s formal training includes certification as a corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant from the Protocol School of Washington. She resides in Beverly Hills, California, with her husband and two daughters.