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Introduction to: How This CEO Needs to Grow

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This is one of the hardest areas for CEOs, or at least for me. \”How This CEO Needs To Grow.\”

We all have areas in which we need to grow. And since CEOs are often under the light (which they should be because they are leading something of importance), it\’s often hard to come forth with how you are growing.

As CEO you already face tough challenges, unknowns, crises. And if you are good, you try to shield your team from them, engaging them only where they can provide value and insight. Otherwise, it\’s your job to handle these situations. Let your team focus and thrive on their goals, objectives and aspirations. At least, I hope that is what CEOs try to do.

CEOS already receive a lot of criticism. Good CEOS also know that they don\’t and can\’t know everything that their external partners or team is thinking. No matter how great a relationship you have with someone, there are parts of your style, execution or communication that they\’d like to change… but will probably never tell you.

So you do your best, staying the course in trying to live to the highest levels of integrity you can each day. We watch ourselves, examine ourselves and try to determine our patterns. Laud the good and self-correct the less than stellar.

Then: Keep at it.

At the end of the day, soothe yourself with all you are grateful for. Attain your needed rest.. .and then we start the day again on a quest for continuous growth not only for our organizations, but also for ourselves. I have to say I find this an exciting way to live, a life of continuous appreciation of what it means to be aware, to grow.

As I write this, I\’ve found that I believe leadership transcends all levels of your life. I am not sure we simply separate professional and personal, work and home, colleagueships and friendships. There are certainly extremely different dynamics, relationships, means of communication in each realm. But the values remain the same. With this, I am not saying that someone who makes mistakes, or doesn\’t live up to their values in their personal life can\’t be a good professional executor. But I can\’t believe they are reaching their highest level of leadership. To achieve our highest level, our values have to synergize between work, home, play.

So we\’ve designed this section How This CEO Needs to Grow to try to be as transparent as we can. Some of the areas might not seem to relate to work at first. But it\’s all related: How can we practice the values we hold closest to us, in a way that is consistent? Across all situations…all people….?

As I read that I have to say I took a silent and mental very deep breath, as the times I haven\’t been consistent come to my mind. It hurts to think about them. It\’s a large undertaking to live honestly, and be honest about how you live. To really exist in accord with your highest sense of right, moment by moment.

So this is one effort toward transparency and the revelation of values in my life. I hope others will be able to grow and learn– from how I am growing and learning.

Warmly, Pamela

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