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Get Inspired, Get a Job Series! (Part 1 of 3)

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How can you help a friend who is out of work? Here is the first of a three part series sharing the advice I gave to my good friend Haruto.

Dear Haruto,

How are you dear Haruto!   

I am thinking of you and wanted to write a note. I hope that\’s ok 🙂

So Kokona has shared a little about your situation… and I am so very, very sorry. It\’s not easy to have a challenging relationship, looking for a job, and taking care of your new baby!

First…  congratulations!  That is so wonderful on your new precious baby, Haruto.  What a wonderful life event and I am sure she adores her daddy. Cherish that…️… how lovely.  


So, here would be a gentle way to approach what\’s happening. I hope this is helpful…..I\’m thinking of you.  

Here\’s your gentle action plan….:)

1- For the next two weeks, do not search for a job.  Do not think about, research, look for a job or let your mind think about it.  

No thinking about a job. Get it out of your mind. Give yourself a break tactically, and mentally.

Whew!  That\’s good. We\’re going to clear your mind of hurt and stress.

2- Now, we\’re going to reinforce your building blocks for life.  I didn\’t say create. You already have them, Haruto. That\’s so wonderful! You grew up with great values and beliefs.  You just need to reacquaint yourself with them.  

So here\’s Haruto\’s \’job\’ for the next two weeks:

1. Take a shower with your mind in the morning and night.

You take a shower for your body.  Now, take the same care of your mind….

Every morning and night you wash your mind of any hurt, resentment, sadness and fear.  Wash it away.  

Are you having a hard time with this?

Well, does your mom love you? Yes, very much.  Think on her love and belief in you.  Does Mary Anne love you? Yes!   Your sister Kim? Yes!  If you can\’t love yourself, then think on the love your family has for you. You know that love is real, Haruto.

2. Pull off any sad or dejected barnacles from your mind.  

They are not you, Haruto. Pull them off immediately.  It\’s cancer of your mind.  It\’s poisoning your soul.  Be diligent about this.  They like to hold on, and it\’s your job to protect your mind.  Be diligent.  

3.  If the above is still hard, then fill your mind with positive things you see.

This might be a beautiful beach, a blue sky, a lovely sun. Be grateful you don\’t live in Siberia, or under autocratic rule. Be grateful you live in a country where you have free speech.  Where you can vote.

Next, be grateful you can walk…that you have eyes and can see….That you can breathe easily.

There are many things we take for granted, Haruto….fill your thoughts with gratitude.

Take a stand. Think positive things!

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