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Get Inspired, Get a Job Series! (Part 3 of 3)

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How can you help a friend who is out of work? Here is the last of a three-part series sharing the advice I gave to my good friend Haruto who was out of work.

Dear Haruto,

        So, here would be a gentle way to approach what\’s happening. I hope this is helpful…..I\’m thinking of you.

Here\’s your gentle action plan….:)

1- For the next two weeks, do not search for a job.  Do not think about, research, look for a job or let your mind think about it.   

2- Now, we\’re going to reinforce your building blocks for life.  I didn\’t say create. You already have them. That\’s so wonderful! You grew up with great values and beliefs.  You just need to reacquaint yourself with them.  

So here\’s your \’job\’ for the next two weeks:

  1. Take a shower with your mind in the morning and night.
  2. Pull off any sad or dejected barnacles from your mind.  
  3. If the above is still hard, then fill your mind with positive things.
  4. Reestablish your positive identity. Begin a special journal now with 10 things you’re grateful for.  
  5. Be a philanthropist every day.
  6. Begin going to church consistently.  
  7. Spend slow time in Nature.
  8. Read my piece \”Rough\” on my blog Living and Giving.
  9. Study Joel Osteen, John C. Maxwell and Stephen Covey
  10. Laugh.

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