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Ghana\’s Kuapa Kokoo: Innovative Model Helps Farmers….

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It all starts with —

\”Good cocoa growers.\”

That\’s what Kuapa Kokoo means in Ghana, and the benefits they are having from both a for-profit and social impact perspective are impressive.

Cocoa middle-men were charging exorbitant rates, and slowing down the sales channel.  So this group of committed community members took charge.  The farmers created a co-op which would trade the cocoa directly, therefore allowing them to increase their sales.  But it also had social benefits, helping hire and empower more women, and, provide increasing respect for environmental processes.

The popularity of Kuapa Kokoo grew.  Agreements with Fair Trade help them scale. With investment from The Body Shop and Twin Trading, they expanded their cooperative to create their own company, Divine Chocolate.

Jobs are critical; an excellent way for people to ascend out of poverty.  Yet where\’s the social impact for the lower tier of disenfranchised?  Here\’s the chocolate company\’s answer:  Divine Chocolate now invests in schools, purified wells and drinking water, mobile medical clinics and microfinance projects to help women sustain their families during the off-season.

And here\’s the plus:  The cooperative Kuapa Kokoo is part owner of Divine Chocolate.  The community members get part of the profits.