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Global Trends in How Companies Are Engaging Their Workforce

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This is a recent communication I sent out to our CSR Enthusiasts. Exciting to see how companies are engaged, and getting their employees engaged!

Dear CSR Enthusiasts,

In keeping with providing you with trends in the CSR landscape, I wanted to provide you some valuable information from a few different CSR sources.   This information can help you benchmark your programs in general. It can also help you with the following:

1) Future CSR Strategy.   Determining your future CSR strategy and programs

2) Current CSR Unique Value Proposition.  Understanding why you have invested in certain CSR programs, even if they are not \”the most popular.\”  (It is not always a bad thing to have different programs; it depends on your product, your goals, your industry.  In addition, it could well separate you from the competition.)

3) Current and/or Future CSR Program Justification.  Should executives questions your decisions or ask for justification, you can point to the trends that the following programs are the most successful, and that the company engages in them.  Or, it can be used to put forth why a new program should be adopted.


The most successful domestic employee volunteer programs included:

  • Dollars for Doers.
  • Paid-Release Time.
  • Company-Wide Day of Services.

The three most successful international employee-volunteer programs were:

  • Paid-Release Time.
  • Company-Wide Day of Service.
  • Dollars for Doers and Employee Recognition Awards (Tie).


The following programs saw the largest increase in the number of companies offering it:

Domestic Offerings:

  • Family Volunteering (10 additional companies).
  • Paid-Release Time (5 additional companies).

International Offering:

  • Paid-Release Time (7 additional companies).
  • Dollars for Doers (5 additional companies).
  • Team Grants (4 additional companies).

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Thank you for being leaders in the realm of Global CSR.

Warm Regards,