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GOOD NEWS: More People Drinking Water and Not Soda. Congratulations Coca Cola and Pepsi!

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\”Water is hot and diet soda is not.\” Wall Street Journal

How neat is that? Diet soda revenue slipped 1% this past year. People are choosing the clear liquid from nature that helps and feeds our bodies. 😄

Corporate Social Responsibility comes in all forms. And I love hearing good news about companies. Coca-Cola\’s Dasani and PepsiCo\’s Aquafina water products grew in volumes. We should be happy for companies that their revenue is increasing by people buying good products!

In other good CSR News, tea has increased 11%. Our world is getting smarter and healthier. Let\’s cheer on the good news for the world, our companies, and our health!

You can read the original Wall Street Journal Article here.