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Harvard Business Review Demonstrates: People Who Dream Can Achieve More Successful Results in Real Life

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In a recent Harvard Business Review article, there was an incredible result related to dreams vs. \”real practice.\” It was found that those who dream can make a difference in their daily life.


For example, people who practice in real life increase their success rate by 15 percent. Yet those who dreamed also had an impact by 8 percent — even though they didn\’t practice in real life. Those who did nothing  saw a 5.5 percent increase.  Those who failed to dream, and therefore could not experience playing, reduced their efficiency by 2.5%.

The article brings up an interesting point. Does that mean that we can make our stomach muscles stronger by dreaming about them? They actually conclude that it can. Daily practice is a must for continual improvement, yet a dream can still have some influence.

For me, the big take-away is not so much about dreaming, but it’s about the powers of our thoughts: what we think, what we believe, can strongly impact what we experience in our day-to-day lives.

Join me in thinking more optimistically each moment. Onwards we go!