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The Importance of Home

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For most of us, there is some positive memory of home.

Perhaps it is around the dinner table. Or when your mother made cookies. Maybe it was at your best friend\’s house, or your grandmother\’s kitchen.


But some people have to carry it within hearts.

With war, political strife and the breakdown of law, people must flee what they call home. The people of Sudan, Columbia and Iraq are countries with the highest number of internally displaced people (IDPs). That means you are a refugee of sorts, but within your own country.


The countries with greatest amount of people fleeing homes within their country (2010):




Sudan-  4.5 million – 5.2 million






Colombia-  3.6 million – 5.2 million






Iraq- 2.8 million





Democratic Republic of the Congo- 1.7 million






Somalia-  1.5 million






Pakistan- 980,000






The regions with the greatest amount of people fleeing homes in 2012:
– Sub Saharan Africa- 10.4 million
– The Americas-  5.8 million

And Colombia was the highest country with IDPs with a total of between 4.9-5.5 million (2012).


While a physical home can be removed, home cannot ever be taken from our hearts. Strength, remembrance and hope must be built there.  So today, why don\’t you support someone with a home. You can give them a home or write them a kind message on our Facebook page

Thank you for helping build homes on earth and in people\’s hearts, with UniversalGivingGive Your 100%.