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Honoring Strategic Givers

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Barron\’s recently published a list of the 25 best givers for 2009.  Matthew Bishop and Michael Green, writers of Philanthrocapitalism, picked up the theme by offering their top five suggestions of philanthrocapitalists who they felt should have been included on Barron\’s list.  After reading their list, I offered a few thoughts, and one suggestion of my own.

Dear Matthew and Michael, thank you for being encouraging of our sector, and I think adding to Barron’s list. It’s very interesting criteria, some objective and subjective.

I’d add Bud Colligan to the list. Venture Capitalist at Accel who has given so much to the community — strategically — through Pacific Community Ventures. They support small businesses and they fundraise from investors who want to invest in their nonprofit, Pacific Community Ventures, which in turn supports these small businesses creating thousands of jobs. It’s smart philanthropy, marrying business and nonprofit.

To be honest — there are thousands of unsung philanthropic heroes, and thousands more to come. Some give from a gigantic pocketbook; other give of a tremendous heart. Both are important.

This world is becoming a circle of giving. We all crave that meaning and sincerity after such a tough year; my hope is this desire to serve continues with the flywheel effect, cascading down gushing water of philanthropic good for decades to come.

Pamela Hawley
Founder and CEO