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How Abraham Lincoln\’s \”Point to Point\” Leadership Resolved Our Country\’s Greatest Issues

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Abraham Lincoln faced so many, many challenges.  And yet he related to James G. Blaine, a United States Representative and later Senator and Secretary of State, that he listened in the moment.  Drawing from some of our frontiersmen, he stated:

\”The pilots on our Western rivers steer from point to point as they call it–setting the course of the boat no farther than they can see; and that is all I propose to myself in this great problem.\”

That\’s how Abraham Lincoln resolved the numerous challenges he faced during the Civil War.  Struggles abounded: challenging battles, generals who needed to be replaced, and divisions in his own political party.

Our President Lincoln had to mend an entire country.  It seems he was pretty successful using \”Point to Point\” as his mindset.  Instead of thinking we can figure out everything in a 2, 5, or 10 year plan, perhaps staying in the moment, being kind, listening and true, and following our inner voice, will lead us to gentle victory as well.