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How Artificial Intelligence – and People – Can Change Your Life

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Meet someone at an event?
Don\’t take it too lightly.
It can change your life. It changed mine!
I was privileged to meet Marc and Jenni, two Dukies, at a Duke event which was celebrating people going back to school.  We struck up a conversation as I was leaving.  We stayed in touch, and they moved my life!
Read below:
\”Here seemed to be two roads in front of us, but in fact, there was only one road that stays true to our life calling. We do not have a choice. We embrace it with all our hearts and souls. ….through Universal Giving, we are humbly called to make a difference in others’ lives.\”
As you know, I am a lifelong believer of not only finding — but also fighting to find your calling. It\’s not always so easy!
Marc and Jenni are doing it.  They are using their love of Artificial Intelligence to help bring comfort, solace and healing. Rather than use it for  straight commercial purposes, they want to devote their lives to using Artificial Intelligence for good. For healing. For help. For comfort when there is no one to turn to — or even if there is.
Read on for our series on \”Compassionate AI\”: Learn how Artificial Intelligence — and People — Can Change Your Life.
It did mine, and I am happy to share their story on Living and Giving.
Love, Pamela