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How Do You Lead? With Values, Vision, or Voice?

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Actually, with all three. 


As blogger and author roshnyjr states in her piece entitled \”Leadership and Ethics,\” Values and Vision give the leader an organizational compass. But you can\’t just know where you want to go; you have to have the right heart. That\’s where Virtue comes in, and doing the right thing. Here, you have to be aware of relationships and how to conduct them appropriately. Finally, you can have all the Vision and Virtue in the world, but if you don\’t Voice them, they are silent. You go nowhere!


Let\’s look at a great, long-term example of how this works. A favorite leader of mine is  Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. His father was a blue collar worker and had little or no health benefits for himself or his family. It was a constant struggle.


Taking that personal experience, Schultz created a value-based company by providing healthcare for all workers, even part-time employees. As roshnyjr states: \”Here, the leader tried getting right things done so as to get a good result which influenced the workers to perform their duty in the right way.\” As long as it\’s authentic, that\’s the right thing to do.


Schultz\’s vision was local and global: they expanded into China and all over the world. At the same time, they created a strong, local presence by providing fresh coffee, personalized service and a store where people know your order. More than 15 years ago, their strategy was to create a \”third space\” outside of home and work; a second home to come to. They\’ve done it.


Finally, Schultz is the voice and model of the company. He is a tireless worker and great spokesperson, driving the company through many challenges and enduring.




Lead with Vision, Voice and Virtue – and you\’ll be leading to success.  Want to read a more analytical piece on the diagram above? Check out the article that inspired this piece here!