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How Technology Can Help You Stay Balanced?

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I bet you’re wondering about that one! How the heck could technology help you stay balanced? Well, Google Calendar is modeling the way. Google Calendar?






Yep, I bet that’s what your calendar looks like too. We live busy, impactful lives yet it’s also important to have peace.


Google Calendar actually helps us do this. They’ve instituted a new feature that blocks invites from coworkers after hours. You can set it so that if you receive invites from coworkers after 5pm,  the calendar rejects them.1 This allows you to keep balanced and to not be distracted. It allows you to not worry about work and it allows you to deal with it appropriately when you arrive to work the next day.






In addition, Google Calendar works directly with your email box to come up with an out-of-office template so the person emailing is informed. That’s a double whammy of technology sending the message:


“This is not the right time. I’m off work and it’s time for peace.”

You’ll be back to work the next day and you’ll be willing to give it your all. But for now, and for tonight, it’s your time. Peaceful time.

Wishing You A Peaceful Night,



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Fig. 1: Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
Fig. 2: Photo by Picjumbo on Pexels