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How to Accept Change: Your Right to Go from Good to Good

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Home Had Found Home

The other day we were unexpectedly given notice regarding our lease.  And my immediate thought was…

thank you

Both for the current situation we had had, and for the future one we would find.

I have hopefully learned and embraced that, with each change, we are going \”from good to good.\” There is no reason to doubt that the change will be good. Why do we sometimes resist it?

Here\’s how I try to approach situations like this:

First, if I resist it, it usually won\’t result in much. At some point, we need to come to terms with the change. So I just mentally and heartily accept it right then and there.

Second, if this change is good for someone else, and it was in this case, then we can and need to celebrate with them. The entity was becoming much more focused on their mission.  Filling it with more people in line with their investment and community objectives would create greater consistency for them. So that\’s good!

It\’s so important to be happy for others as we would be for ourselves.  Why don\’t we do this more? What might be holding us back?  Do we believe that there are only a few slices of pie to go around?



And yet it\’s not true. The sky is a wonderful example.  The sky is populated with thousands of stars…the Milky Way galaxy contains billions of stars…and the universe is made up of hundreds of billions of galaxieswhich allow us all to shine. Whether it be far or near, large or small, strong lights, sparkly or bubbly lights, protostars, red giant stars, or white dwarf stars* — we all shine, and have a place to shine.


So I thanked the entity for the wonderful space they had provided and wished them well.

Thirdly, we embrace the positive outcome for us. What do we need to be open to?  Where would our right place be?  As my grandfather once said to me, when I was searching for a job outside of college, \”The place you are seeking, is also seeking you.\” What a lovely connection. We\’re not just striving to get something for ourselves. We\’re also giving and helping someone else.


Frances Blaisdell Williams (\”Oma\”) and Alex Williams (\”Opa\”)

Fourth, we can trust the process. It\’s not just about getting to the outcome. We may meet some special people or connections along the way of discovering our next place.  Let\’s be open on our pathway of discovery, of more good which can unfold!

Finally, we can know that the right place will be revealed. In our case, we found an amazing global community.  It was much more in line with our mission, and represented the brand of our organization better. It provided more relationships and connections than I had thought possible!

But most importantly… they welcomed us with open arms. They loved how we could contribute to the space.  They already knew of us and several people recommended us in.   Home had found Home.  We had gone from good to good.

By the way, this post is inspired by Kyle Daley, who is a very talented writer and team member.  After I told the team, he sent me this message, below:

Dear Pamela, This Dalai Lama quote from his twitter account reminded me of when you shared your conversation about \”What\’s best for you is best for us.\”

@DalaiLama – \”Due to the fundamental interconnectedness that lies at the heart of reality, your interest is also my interest.\”

We all help each other along the pathway of change, going from good to good.

PostScript:  Although, dear readers, my dad will most likely disagree with this post. He will tell me, \”No, Pamela, you\’re going from good to great.\”

Ok, Dad, point taken. And I accept!  🙂


*Protostars are gaseous bodies on the way to becoming stars; red giants are aging stars that have expanded; white dwarfs are stars that have collapsed from the red giant stage and are slowly cooling.  Learn more about stars.