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I Am A Strong Supporter Of The Me Too Movement, But Not This.

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I am a strong supporter of the Me Too Movement. This is absolutely critical that women who have been ravaged, assaulted verbally, physically, sexually, emotionally, and otherwise have a voice. It is critical that they feel heard and that action is taken.


I\’m grateful to be living in a world where human rights, women\’s rights, individual rights, children\’s rights are gaining traction with the speed like never before. It\’s not just necessary, it\’s imperative, it\’s urgent and women everywhere need our full support.

We also have a responsibility to Truth.

We have a responsibility to justice and we have a responsibility to tell the true story of all points. I bring this up as a colleague of mine was falsely accused of attacking women. A letter was written putting down twelve fake women names who had accusations against him. It wasn\’t true and the COO was fired.


Using the Me Too Movement for any type of false news is a crime. You are defaming someone and harming their reputation. You are not just hurting them. You are hurting their families, their loved ones, the people in the community who look up to them and enjoy being with them.

Truth can never be touched; so the falsehood will fall away, never to attach itself to the individual. Yet for that brief moment, that attempt to put a black checkmark of coal on someone\’s spirit, is a crime. It\’s a crime of integrity, it\’s a crime of trust and it\’s a crime that hurts many, many people\’s lives circling the individual who is falsely accused.


It\’s a new day for rights, for people all over the world, not just women. All people, with full rights. We also have to take a stand for always telling the truth. Those who use the Me Too Movement for unethical motives or anger will be brought down as well. Every time we take a stand for justice, it must be done with the purest motive and the purest ideals. Otherwise, we lose our integrity.  We can lose part of the integrity of the movement — which is critical for all women everywhere.

Take a stand for what is right, take a stand for justice and the world will change.


Keep your mind and actions pure every time you fight for a cause.

Keep The Me Too Movement Pure,


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