Living and Giving

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“A great spouse loves you exactly as you are.  An extraordinary spouse helps you grow; inspires you to be, do and give your very best.” – Fawn Weaver

If you want to become a great person… grow.

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We aren’t born perfectly and we don’t end perfectly.

Do you make mistakes?

I do.

But I am here to grow. To move on from the past and reach a greater version of myself.

And the best way we can do that is to grow in love. That’s our soil. Whatever relationship you are in, make sure the relationships in which you are planted, are loving you to new heights.

  • Fawn Weaver is the president of ValRentco Corporation, a subsidiary of and a former hotel general manager. As noted in her profile on Happy Wives Club, she is “not a stay-at-home wife” but “a Happy Wife” who proved through her Happy Wives Club that women like herself view marriage and spending time with their husbands are two of the greatest blessings in their lives. She and her husband Keith have been married since 2003.

Bio source: Happy Wives Club – Meet Fawn

Photo sources: Wikimedia: Rosebud And Raindrops and Yellow Rose