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I Am the Developing Person–A Journey to Peru [Part 4 of 4]

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This is the fourth of a four-part series entitled I Am the Developing Person. This is an unedited account of a personal journey and will be followed by stories from a few more of my international volunteer trips. Many of the experiences on these trips would become the impetus for founding UniversalGiving™.  You can see additional photos here.

Please note that at the time of this writing, plastic bags were not yet outlawed (they are now forbidden in San Francisco) and Farmer\’s Markets were not as available, thus the references to using plastic bags and Safeway.


Appreciate the Heaven We Live

We exist in a current heaven.

And that is when the refrigerator overwhelms me
When I see food shriveling and not cooked and not claimed in the plastic vegetable bin
When I see lettuce beginning to wilt or extra flour or rice unused

Or when I go out to dinner once every six weeks

I take the bread and give it to homeless people on the street, or use it for leftovers….

Simple Bread
For the restaurants according to law must throw it out

They throw it out food that others so desperately need…
They throw it out
And my sunshine ladies in Peru rising above the dust would like to partake of that meal with me, bread, simple bread


Sometimes when you keep the leftovers in your fridge, no matter how tiny, you realize that sometimes you don’t need to eat that much

And that you are grateful you saved that morsel
For you really didn’t need to prepare anything else

And I never buy plastic bags
I just use the ones from Safeway which I get my fruit in
And I use the paper bags for my garbage bags

And did you know that carrots on special are .39 cents a pound
For 40 cents you can get 5 huge carrots which provide more than enough vegetables for meals

Just be conscious

Just appreciate

You can be Perfectly

And grateful for so many things

That you can walk

That you can walk
That you can walk down the street safely
That you can walk down the street safely and cross the street
That you can walk down the street safely and cross the street with traffic laws people obey
That you can walk down the street safely and cross the street with traffic laws people obey into a grocery store where you can buy


Heaven: 30 different types of fruits
2 for 1 offers
and most people never ever think that they can’t afford Safeway

but not true in the developing world…..

and so I am developing


I am the developing person
Because I appreciate our two worlds


What they teach me about community, spending time together, being, presence, slow, relationships, communing community


And what I learn about how they would like to be helped 


Helping us both to be whole… both to Live consciously and kindly


So sometimes
I get very moved

By the thought you never even

A piece of bread
A scoop of jam
An apple, a piece of fresh fruit

I will appreciate
And sometimes I will get overwhelmed by this simple thought
So please excuse me if I must gently leave the dinner table
To take a deep breath
To connect with people all over the world
To send them the food I have received tonight
Through my heart
To their spirit

May the Universe

It is not millions of people without
It is billions
I did quietly



Float Gently, To Realize

Float gently,
To realize

And that is what shocked me about Peru. That realization

That realization that graspingazation, strivation

That how I live is so
From the world’s norm

And yet this is my home
I sometimes can’t breathe-fathom-decipher-actionate-whattodonext-help-find-give

Beat beat, patter, heart  breathe/patter breathe/patter  breathe/patter   breathe-breathe-breathI am so crushed by learning how so much of the world lives

Help me feel whole, help me hold me, peace, hold me peaceful

So manytimes

I now


can you believe how my life has changed by
a thought

can you believe
do I even grasp
how why I get a bit overwhelmed

some time


many times
Next time?
going again… feeling again…reentering again


I am the developing person



You can take action.

Give $40 to provide fruit for orphan children.

Give $75 to feed a family for two weeks.

Volunteer at an elementary school in Peru.