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\”I believe that it is impossible to set limits to the grace of God.\” – William Barclay

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\”I believe that it is impossible to set limits to the grace go God.\”

– William Barclay

\”I believe that it is impossible to set limits to the grace of God. I believe that not only in this world, but in any other world there may be, the grace of God is still effective, still operative, still at work. I do not believe that the operation of the grace of God is limited to this world. I believe that the grace of God is as wide as the universe.\”

-William Barclay

Today is a joyful day.


If for nothing else, because there is grace present in our days


in this life and in any other.

Life does not end here. Grace, love and life accompany us every moment, every day, and in each chapter of life we face.

It might be hard to accept today. You might have gotten some tough news. Or maybe the job you were hoping for just didn\’t turn out. Your date was late, or your dog had on accident on the rug. (Noooooo! Noooooo! Not again, please! 😃)

But I am going to ask you to trust that grace reigns today. Even if the career pathway is unclear, your house is a mess, your son just lied to you, or you are simply having a really, really bad hair day!

Is your God so small that He or She decided to \”end\” her operations, in this case capability for grace, for a moment?

I would not be inspired by that God.

God operates full time, of that I am sure.

God is filled with grace, and therefore so are you, this moment.

And again, again, again. Trust that grace now.


William Barclay (December 5, 1907 – January 24, 1978) was a biblical scholar, writer and broadcaster who was a Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism. Barclay wrote more than seventy books, including the million-selling The Daily Study Bible and was a popular broadcaster on television and radio. He was hugely influential in Scotland and his books were also read by millions in the USA. He is lovingly remembered for his ability to communicate the truth of the Gospel in terms that everyone could understand. His simple faith presented through his books and radio and television broadcasts moved millions of people to open their hearts to God. Barclay\’s humble spirit was shaped by his modest Christian upbringing in the town of Wick, Scotland. In 1933, he was ordained and became the past of a small church in Renfrew and married Katherine Gillespie, a minister\’s daughter, all while studying at Glasgow and Marburg universities. He later had one son and two daughters with his wife. (Source: Barclay)