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“I Could Live Without Everything.” – Marcus Rashford

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“What is the household convenience you couldn\’t live without?  To be honest, I could live without everything because that’s the way I grew up.  We had very little, so we placed a lot of value on friendships and outdoor activities.  If you were to take away my family, my football, and my friends, then it would be a different story.”

       –Marcus Rashford

  Professional Football Player

A famous footballer shares one of the most important values in life. He was rich in relationships, and they had nothing. So what he has — the substance — was all about people and love and care.  That’s wealth, that’s full, that’s so huge with joy. It’s promise, blessings, peacefulness, security, goodness, kindness, love, and wealth.   


But if you take away the family

And friends

And football — the love of his life!   


Then he feels robbed and empty.


He’s got that right.   He’s filled up with all the wealth of life.   He’s got it. He’s loved and loving. He has relationships, so important to a positive world and to his health.   He can “ live without everything” — because he actually does have everything.   

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Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford is a professional footballer from England. In his first-team debut in the UEFA Europa League, the young footballer scored a goal, followed by another one in his first \’Premier League\’ appearance against \’Arsenal\’ in February 2016. In his debut in the \’Manchester Derby match,\’ the \’League Cup,\’ and the \’UEFA Champions League he continued his streak of scoring goals as well.

Marcus, the \”wonder kid\” of the English football league, has been a star since an early age in hitting his opponents with strong shots. He was just five when he began playing the sport, and by the time his age was seven, he was already working his way into the prestigious club \’Manchester United\’ academy system.

He has played for \’Under-16,\’ \’Under-18,\’ \’Under-20,\’ and \’Under-21\’ before beginning his senior career as a forward for \’Manchester United.\’ In May 2016, Marcus also became England\’s youngest player to score as a senior in his first international match. In almost all of his matches, his mind-blowing results helped him get picked for the \’UEFA Euro 2016.\’

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