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I Know I Said CEOs Should Apologize…I Revise…They Should Apologize in Advance

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Earlier, I wrote about how CEOs should apologize.  CEOs should apologize in advance.  How many days have there been when I’ve gone home at night so disappointed in myself; could I have had a kinder tone; could I not have slowed down a bit more to encourage that team member who needed a bit more time, a bit more advice, a bit more encouragement?

And so not only do I try to apologize when right to do so, but I also apologize in advance. Let your team know you need their support.

This is openness.  It\’s true, it\’s real, it\’s compassionate. You should do this for your team… so at rare times, it\’s all right to ask the team for their understanding as well.

There are days when I know I miss things. Or perhaps you are on a lower rung of the patience ladder that day.   So if I haven’t gotten through all my emails or voicemails, or feel I don’t have a strong understanding of the situation, I will often preface conversations with the team, “I apologize in advance if I don’t have the full information,” or “I apologize in advance if I’ve missed something,\”  or \”I apologize if I am moving very quickly today, and speaking very rapidly. I appreciate your support.\”

It sets your heart up to be a better leader, to be a humble leader, to be a listening leader.  It sets up appropriate expectations with your team.  Your apology is asking them for their graciousness.  And everyone deserves that.