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I know my older sister loves me…

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\’I know my older sister loves me
because she gives me all her old clothes
and has to go out and buy new ones.\’
     – Lauren, age 4
What a sweet quote that allows us to think in a different way. 
I love this; It\’s not a hand me down… It\’s not an older sister giving you their \”old\” clothes.
It\’s someone who truly loves you. They are sincerely giving you that sweet dress, to care for you.
What else in our lives could we look at in this way?
If you are late to the airport, can you trust that you are on the right flight, and will meet the right people? You could see it as an opportunity.
If you are stuck in an elevator, is there someone who needs your support? Could you pray for them or the world? You could see it as an opportunity.
If your son didn\’t make the high school newspaper, can you help guide him to a new writing opportunity? It\’s an opportunity! Perhaps you could encourage him to start his own blog, or even apply for an internship at the local paper!
If you didn\’t get the job you wanted, can you trust there is a different manager who will help you grow? It\’s an opportunity… Perhaps you will find a new job, with a fantastic mentor.
Let\’s open up our minds…
See, hand-me-downs are family members giving you the clothes off their backs.
This is a loving world.
     Love, Pamela